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digital creations by lauren jurgemeyer

I am originally from San Diego, California, but I have been living in San Antonio, Texas, for nearly 10 years. I am a recent graduate from Texas State University with plans to work as a content creator.

Going into college, I had the original intent of becoming a theatre educator, I came to find that my calling was in the realm of digital media and switched my major to digital media innovation (DMI) my second year.

Through the DMI program I have become proficient in subjects such as multimedia journalism, design, and social media and analytics. I have learned HTML and CSS and have worked with programs such as Adobe Premiere, InDesign, Lightroom, Audition and Photoshop.

In addition to a busy schedule, I managed to earn Dean’s List every semester since enrollment. I am a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Tau Alpha and was inducted to the College of Fine Arts and Communication Council of Scholars twice.

In 2018 I joined KTSW, the official radio station of Texas State University, as an editor and contributor to their blog. The following semester, I was promoted to Assistant Web Content Manager and in May 2019, I took over as Web Content Manager. I continued in this position until my graduation.

Currently, I am working as a freelance independent contractor for the Northeast Independent School District (NEISD). I currently have a contract with Reagan Stage at Ronald Reagan High School, where I design graphics and act as a public relations consult. I work as the public relations specialist for TAAP Public Safety, Saf and Secur. Additionally, I hold a position with KC Social Innovation Center as the Social Media Coordinator. 

a bit about me



bachelor of science from texas state university

graduation: spring 2020

school of journalism & mass communication

bachelor of science in digital media innovation with a minor in media studies

gpa: 4.0



KCSIC & HIRE KC (2021-present)

social media specialist

responsible for maintaining social media accounts, and creating content for the website to engage the audience and increase reach.  

taap public safety, saf, secur 


public relation specialist

responsible for maintaining social media accounts, designing and creating content for the website to engage the audience and increase reach. 



independent writing tutor

responsible facilitating live tutoring sessions to help students with grammar, punctuation, and usage.  additionally, acting as an editor in brainfuse's writing lab.

independent vendor at north east independent school district


freelance marketing specialist

responsible for designing programs, posters and t-shirt designs for

the ronald reagan high school theatre department, as well as writing

press releases for upcoming productions.

jett household 


online school monitor & nanny

responsible for assisting a kindergartener with his online school work during that school day. additionally, looking after the five-year-old and two-year-old siblings through their bedtime on specific days. utilizes basic Spanish due to the nature of the kindergarten immersion course. 

q: the music of queen 


public relation specialist-internship

responsible maintaining social media accounts, creating content to

engage the audience and increase reach, writing monthly newsletters

and press releases for band events.

ktsw (fm-89.9)

(2018- 2020)

web content manager (2019-2020)

Responsible for managing and maintaining the KTSW blog, training

volunteer staff members, writing articles, editing content across

departments, scheduling posts and performing administrative tasks for

the station.

assistant web content manager (2019)

Responsible for managing volunteer staff members, scheduling posts,

editing articles and assisting the Web Content Manager.

web content contributor & editor (2018)

Writing and editing weekly articles for AP style, punctuation, grammar and usage.

videographer (2018-2019)

Responsible for shooting and editing promotional materials and

social media spots for KTSW.

social media management

digital marketing

public speaking


journalistic writing 

graphic design


creative writing

html & css

microsoft office

adobe creative suite



ap style


content creation

content management

video production

web design

public relations






activities & honors 

school of journalism & mass communication dean's list

fall 2017, spring 2018, fall 2018, spring 2019, fall 2019, spring 2020

member of the honors college

fall 2018-spring 2020

phi kappa phi

fall 2019-Present

national society of leadership & success

fall 2018-Present

ktsw web content rookie

fall 2018

ktsw best promo video for multimedia

fall 2018 & spring 2019

kappa tau alpha

spring 2020-present

panelist at cbi conference

fall 2019

fine arts & communication council of scholars

spring 2019 & spring 2020

ktsw champion of the month for web content

fall 2018

ktsw best article for web content

fall 2018

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