Academic Writing

Multimedia Journalism

Students will be introduced to topics related to online journalism. Topics covered will include the online journalism profession, Web credibility, online reporting sources, cyberlaw including libel and copyright, blogging and podcasting, and basic multimedia design. Students will both critique and create online materials.

Free Speech, Free Press and the Supreme Court of the United States 

In the spring semesters between 2012 and 2019, students in this honors class at Texas State University researched and wrote these essays about free speech and free press issues in countries around the world. The students explored contemporary and historical events in their chosen country as they relate to free speech and press issues, and they critically compared these events with free speech and press rights in the United States.

Fundamentals of Digital and Online Communication

This course is meant to introduce students to modern digital concepts like social media, basic web design, multimedia editing and digital strategy. The course covers the effects of the Internet and related technologies on the fields of journalism, interactive advertising and public relations, search engines, personal branding, social networking and mobile platforms.